Dutch Maid Bakery

Food & Drink / Monday, May 15th, 2017

Whenever I plan to stay in a different town, I always make finding a bakery a priority. Coming into St. Cloud for the 2017 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener, I immediately began my quest. Lucky for me, the Dutch Maid Bakery off St. Germaine Street on the east side of the city fit the bill. As a stand alone, Dutch Maid is both retail and wholesale serving all of central Minnesota. They are family owned and have been using the same recipes they opened the bakery with over 60 years ago. If you love cake, unfilled or filled donuts, Dutch has you covered. Pies and coffee cakes more your thing? No problem. Maybe you go for the muffins – they have those, too! How about cookies and bars, you ask? Yep! How about the sweet rolls and cookies?? Absolutely! What if I don’t go for sweets? They have bread, buns and rolls for you! I, myself, went for the easy-to-hold, melts-in-your-mouth, where-have-these-been-all-my-life cinnamon rolls. Totally worth checking out for the prices alone and with a marquee like that, how can you pass it up?!

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