Parlour Bar

Food & Drink / Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Remember Borough, the North Loop treasure that’s its own top-to-bottom compliment to nutriment? Well, I glazed over the fact that they also house a nightery of their own, Parlour. Like the prohibition era speakeasies of yesteryear, Parlour touts the same backdoor, knock-three-times aura with tell-tale signs of rugged modernity. I don’t mean the retro, hipster-esque pop-ups you see everywhere; I am talking a dark, brooding streetlights cloaked in tufted leather kind of place. Kitty corner from Freehouse, they have basement entrance and a cellar door from inside the restaurant that will bring you to what has been described as the “best place to get a burger and cocktail in town.”  Real quick, yes, you can get snacks and desserts. There’s a burger on the menu people absolutely lose their minds over. Don’t believe me? DeRusha will vouch for it. If you are looking for a crossover from the food to the cocktail menu, try the Float made with house Sarsaparilla or Orange Cream Soda. Handcrafted spirits more your thing? Rum? Try the No Regrets (Horrors of 1999) or the Tim the Enchanter – that’s got orange-champagne vinegar. Scotch? Get the Wise Beyond His Years. Tequila? Take a chance on the Music Tastes Better or the All The Single Ladies. Bourbon more your thing? Get the Dance With The Devil. If you want to try your hand at making some of these concoctions, they offer cocktail classes. As I said yesterday, I’ll stick with their French 75. A sip of heaven in a flute.

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