Food & Drink / Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


It’s not exactly a secret that my friends and I are close. So when it comes to holidays, even though we spend time with our families, we make time for our friend-family, too. We had our ‘Friendmas Brunch’ at the Meritage this past weekend and it was divine.  Located in the Historic Hamm Building Administration Office, where you’ll also find Great Waters Brewing Company and Heimie’s Haberdashery, the Meritage offers a gorgeous view of the historic Landmark Center. We came for the brunch but they are famous for their oyster bar, wine school and a fun, delicious, American spin on classic French food. It was named Best Restaurant Saint Paul, Best French and Best Restaurants by MPLS/ST PAUL Magazine (@mspmag) this year alone. Everyone was so accommodating to our big group, especially our waiter who was very sweet even though it was only his second day – not exactly an easy crowd. Beautiful both inside and out, the place also has a great story. Current owners Chef Russell and Desta Maree Klein actually got married here, when it was a different restaurant. They actually got so good at this that Chef Russell, formerly the Executive Chef at WA Frost, and Desta opened Brasserie Zental and Foreign Legion as well.

[Photos by By Rebecca Studios]

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