Birchwood Cafe

Birchwood Cafe

Sometimes, what you really need on a drift less, ugly, chilly morning is a beautiful, swoon-worthy comfort food. And I have the perfect place for just that.  Located on a quiet residential street in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, the Birchwood Cafe was founded in 1926 as a dairy, later converted to a neighborhood convenience store, and finally in 1995, it became The Birchwood Café. If you did the math you’d know that it just celebrated its 20th anniversary, this past September specifically. The Café is a local-sustainable-organic restaurant that receives all of its eggs, meats, fish, grains, fruits and vegetables from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa family-owned farms. Open seven days a week, this place is a favorite for conscious eaters, cyclists and anyone looking for home-cooking, without the home. I could rave all day about their grilled birdseed toast and leek soup, but I won’t – so you’ll have to try it yourself! They also just published The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook. Available for purchase on their website (or Amazon), they will be having a book signing at Magers and Quinn on December 12th – if you’re interested.



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