Minnesota Transportation Museum

Over the #weekend, I spent some time #climbing, #exploring and #wandering the #MinnesotaTransportationMuseum. Hosted by my friends from @Minnstameets (the very sweet, always welcoming @shineonyoucraydiamond and @mamacita.rita) and the @TransportationMuseum, we were able to delve into this incredible history-packed place with #Minnstameets_Transit. And the girls didn’t disappoint; we were even introduced to the famous #NorthernPacificRailway #steamengine #2156, best known as the #CaseyJones’ steam engine. Beef up on your #MinnesotaHistory if it doesn’t ring a bell. Built in 1907 by #JamesJHill for his #GreatNorthern Railway, the #historic #JacksonStreetRoundhouse is a former steam engine maintenance facility. Replacing another older #roundhouse, it is MTM’s #headquarters, just off #Pennsylvania Avenue East in #StPaul, and is fully functional – one of the last of its kind in the country. The #museum is strong in #heritage as it focuses on local #railroad, bus and #streetcar history and is a place where the museum’s #locomotives and rolling stock come for maintenance and #restoration. What will you see when you visit? Things like Pullman coaches, Northern Pacific RR mail & baggage cars, an operating 115′ turntable, a 200 ton lifting crane, an F7A passenger engine, a Brill Car and our fleet of #classic buses. They have #train rides, host events, have #Conductor #CharlieBrown you can take a picture with and, coming up, they even have a #Santa Train!

A video posted by J e s s i c a (@mnbucketlist) on Nov 10, 2015 at 11:10am PST




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