Pepito’s Parkway Theater / Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra

Concerts & Venues, Events / Monday, October 26th, 2015

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I crossed off the #historic #ParkwayTheater from the #mnbucketlist yesterday. It worked in beautifully with #Halloween and here is why; I have a big affliction for #1920's #blackandwhite #horror, and they just so happened to be playing F.W. Murnau's 1922 horror #classic, #Nosferatu. It was a great time to see it because a remake is in the works. Pity, really. If you aren’t familiar with Nosferatu, let me give you a quick overview. Deliberate and unnerving scene transitions, #gothic #black and #white #cinematography, not to mention #darkhumor, rats and #vampires, the unauthorized adaption of #BramStroker’s #Dracula is most notably one of the greatest horror films to ever grace the #silver screen. A masterpiece in suspense that ranks right up there with the originals like Romero’s #NightoftheLivingDead, Halperin’s #WhiteZombie and Hitchcock’s Birds (for me, at least). The silent film was made even more brilliant by the Rats and People Motion Picture #Orchestra of #Minnesota, an offshoot of the St. Louis-based Orchestra of the same name, which has been accompanying silent films since 2007. Back to Parkway. Linked to #Pepitos Restaurant, both integral parts of the Field-Regina-#Northrop #neighborhood, the 80 year old Parkway could do any film justice. With a bright-bulbed florescent #marquee to the signed scripts and film stops hanging on the walls, it’s hard not to feel a little #nostalgic walking into the place.

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