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Events / Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

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Last night, I went to Greater MSP’s Make It. MSP Initiative Launch at the beautiful Muse Event Center, catered by Crave, who totally did it Minnesota-style, complete with fish hooks holding hors d’oeuvre and spoon and cherry desserts! Hosted by Michael Langley, CEO of Greater MSP and Diane Tran, the Systems Director of Neighborhood Integration at HealthEast and had speakers from the Minnesota Cup, Pollen, DocuMNtary, the National Association of Black Accountants and the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association. With fun, interactive installations it was easy to see why so many are in love with the Make It. MSP movement.

Haven’t heard of them? Well, Greater MSP is focused on regional economic development by attracting companies to MSP and with this new initiative, they take it a step further. Make It. MSP is their ingenious, proactive way of attracting and retaining talent to the Twin Cities 16 counties . Not just enticing corporations, but by taking an active role in the talent those corporations need and will need in the future. They are doing this through storytelling, welcoming and onboarding newcomers to Minnesota, accelerating diversity, utilizing networks, supporting innovative people, helping people make personal connections – because let’s be real, all of us want to be included.

While most people and organizations will take Make It. MSP to address the talent shortage we will soon be facing and will use the Recruiter tools like maps, videos and job search portals that they have made available, I will use it for a different purpose.

Hear me out, this is important – I am a bit of a roving Minnesota Ambassador, so I know you come to me to be immersed in all things Minnesota.

I see Make It. MSP as a call to action. A personal ‘rally cry’, if you will.

As individuals, we don’t always notice when we aren’t being inclusive, or when we play our cards a little too close to breast. We don’t step too far out of our group of friends or our circle of comfort. I get it. It’s Minnesota, I do. But, the only way we can be what Make It. MSP asks us to become; welcoming, innovative and globally connected, we have to create a culture that not only voices that, but encourages and participates as individual players. It’s not enough to ask someone to come here. You have to keep people wanting to stay.

So let me start.

I’m Jessica. It’s nice to meet you, lets connect, grab coffee. What do you think? As an added bonus, I know where all the cool places are!

Whether you are brand new to Minnesota, are a transplant, or have been here your entire life, let’s Make It. MSP, together.

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