Car Show (Minnetonka Drive In)

Events, Food & Drink / Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Minnetonka Car ShowGotta love any excuse to see beautiful cars


Hot Rod Thursday Nights at the Minnetonka Drive-in is a blast (it has also been called Classic Car Nights and Hot Rod Nights). Real carhop style drive-ins (such as the A & W stands) are a dying breed. If you’ve never stopped by, you owe it to yourself to soak in the throwback setting and that old-time family restaurant experience so missing in our culture today.

Located in Spring Park, Minnetonka Drive-In has cars coming and going throughout the show. While the restaurant area is strictly for show cars, there’s plenty of parking across the street.

You never know who or what cars are going to show up, making it a treat for all ages. A family-friendly setting, there were lots of kids in strollers and even dogs in tow, too.With the constant stream of classics coming and going (usually leaving with an impressive burnout!), there’s plenty for the whole family to see.

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