The Copper Lantern 

Food & Drink / Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Can we just talk about breakfast for a second? Early summer mornings need hot coffee, heavy portions and quick service. This is where Copper Lantern in St Cloud comes in. Originally opened as the 14th Country Kitchen in the Minnesota-Wisconsin franchise in 1966, the restaurant featured the $.80 Country Boy Burger with fries and cole slaw for $1.40 more.  You could get a club steak dinner for $3.25, fried chicken for $1.95 and strawberry pie was just $0.60!

The owners nixed the franchise in 1984 and changed to the name to Copper Lantern, filling the place with actual copper lanterns. It is still owned by the same family. The casual, very busy place has been a fixture right off Highway 10 in St. Cloud for some 30 years.

Think; homemade breakfast (served fresh all day long), lunch and dinner – family-style. Local favorites include; eggs Benedict, the Bronco burger, hot meatloaf sandwich, chicken fritter melt,  hash browns, omelets, cinnamon rolls, hot turkey sandwiches, and hamburger steak. But I need to tell you about one thing; sour cream and chive fries (pictured). These babies alone will make me come back.

Fun fact: During summer months, the local Hot Rod Hoodlums, a local car club, makes appearances at least once a month in the parking lot.

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