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Food & Drink / Thursday, May 5th, 2016

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When it comes to #Stillwater, I rely very heavily on my friends Emily (@thegoodwithin) Mike (@mmmfalk). If they say somewhere is good, it is. Based on their suggestion, we headed to #Pub112 and it didn’t disappoint! A local #wateringhole on one of the busiest main streets in #Minnesota, #Pub 112 is a cross between Stillwater lore and #heritage, and #Irish principles. #Scotch and #Whiskey Lounge, check. #Craftbeer flights, check. Sunday #brunch, check. Located in a supposedly #haunted building, CHECK. Yes, seriously. It was actually the reason brothers Sam and Jose Leon decided to buy the place. P.S. Their family owns the Acapulco restaurants throughout Minnesota, which I’ve posted about before. The place was built in 1882, and still has elements of the time period – most notably the bar. Built in #Massachusetts in the #1880s and shipped down through South America (prior to the #PanamaCanal), it ended up in California where it was in use for 100 years. It later found its forever home at Pub 112. #Oldworld venue meets Irish and #British bar food favorites, with #ghoststories and Irish pub/punk music (this one is from the Tim Malloys), what could make it any better? Well, one thing actually. The Pub’s twist on #Minnesota’s #JucyLucy called the Stuffed Molly Malone made with whiskey #BBQ sauce. #mnbucketlist

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