Food & Drink / Thursday, April 7th, 2016

While I’m still on my coffee fix, let me introduce you to another coffee-public-house-but-so-much-more stop on the #mnbucketlist. Brix in Woodbury, technically St. Paul, serves up coffee, yes, but also savory and sweet crepes and their delicious secret recipe for frozen custard. Less stepping away from their coffee roots and more stepping into limitless crepe combinations. Whether it’s the buttery sweetness that is the strawberry cheesecake  or the Nutella crepe or going for the savory heaviness that is the Norwegian, made with smoked Salmon, cream cheese, capers, and red onion with lemon or the Minnesotan, seasoned chicken, wild rice, kale, and mushrooms in a mushroom sherry cream sauce, you can’t really go wrong. But that’s not to say they’ve lost that coffee focus. One look at their Facebook page and you’ll notice all the coffee humor one could want. Complete with helpful service and a wide open but easy to relax in atmosphere, Woodbury is lucky to have it.

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