HenHouse Eatery

Food & Drink / Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Whether you’re a non-local wanting to spend a weekend wandering the city or one of the countless downtown clientele that need a place to frequent during the weekdays, Hen House Eatery is worth trying and since it’s next on the #mnbucketlist, I’m going to explain. I could tell you that it is because they specialize in local food, have a great bar selection and that they are branded with fun, bold colors that will brighten your day-all true, but that’s not why. The Hen House Eatery is the brain child of Maribel Cuandros Perrault, Barb Gardiner, and Tara Koenig, all of whom came from Key’s Cafe. Located on 8th in downtown Minneapolis between Marquette and Second in the former home of Peter’s Grill which was a mainstay for 99 years. Which, lets face it, is a lot to live up to. I went with my Grandparents, two people who grew up in the city and remember Peter’s. For them, it was a nostalgic experience that was more than a place to satisfy a sweet tooth, or to wait in line for an all-day breakfast while reading funny quotes written in chalk on the walls. It was a place to breathe in Minnesota’s evolution and be proud that we still have places that have an established home but feel like a crosstown diner. To be fair, I went because I really wanted one of their cinnamon rolls.

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