Fauley Park

Fauley ParkDriving to Cloquet along Highway 33, you’ll find Fauley Park, tucked away near the old Main Street. Fauley Park features a Duluth and a Northeastern Railroad Steam Locomotive No 16 and a railway car. Of all the surviving D&NE engines, No 16 remains closest to its old stomping grounds. The furthest away from her home is its identical twin No. 14 who rests at the Fillmore & Western Railroad in Fillmore, CA. The 2-8-0 engine serves as a memorial to the 8,000 people ferried to safety during a fire on October 12, 1918 that largely destroyed Cloquet. The fire is still considered one of the state’s greatest natural disasters. You can see these kinds of artifacts all over northern Minnesota as its history is so rich in the railroad. Although the cars remain unroofed and unfenced, the engine is well cared for. They looked brand new when I stopped by.



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