Minnesota Museum of American Art

Minnesota Museum of American ArtIf you’ve never heard of the Minnesota Museum of American Art, it’s not a surprise. I hadn’t heard about it either. I stumbled upon it during a visit to the Union Depot. I decided to take a walk to Legacy Chocolates and it just so happened to be in the same building. Which is the historic Hamm Building off 4th street. It’s a little tiny gallery with a few different exhibits, but I focused on one in particular; those of the murals that were commissioned for use in the new Union Depot. It contains the initial sketches, mock ups and the first drafts. When you walk into the newly restored corridor or the Depot, you can see them in strips along the walls. It tells the story of Minnesota’s history, from the artists perspective. It includes Native Americans, orphan trains, the postal service, men going off to the Civil War, the railroads and even Paul Bunyon. Have you ever heard of MMAA?



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