Dr. Chocolate’s Chocolate Chateau

Food & Drink / Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Dr. Chocolate's Chocolate ChateauI can honestly say that if Rebecca hadn’t pointed out Dr Chocolates Chocolate Chateau, I would have never noticed it. But I am so glad she did! On the outside, it’s an old Victorian home on Selby Avenue in StPaul and on the inside, something else entirely. The whole place is very sweet and inviting. They have the craziest, most artistic looking truffles and chocolates, I have ever seen. They were hand painted, beautifully colored and incredibly interesting. Along with chocolates, you can buy chocolate-scented candles as well as kitchen supplies. They also have wine, coffee, ice cream and pastries. I ended up trying the chocolate though; the Plum and Fig Port, Cappuccino, Rosemary (quite the combination, lemme tell ya)and the Earl Grey. The Plum and Fig Port was my favorite but that’s just because I’m a huge fan of fig. So if you just happen to be in the area, I can’t recommend them enough.

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