Malone’s Bar and Grill

Located in the heart of Arbor Lakes in the AMC Movie Theatre Parking Lot is Malone’s Bar and Grill. Founded in 2010 and owned by the people that brought you Maynard’s. Malone’s is also known for having the best happy hours in Maple Grove and it’s no wonder. If you come in for a beer and head over to the bar area, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. A hot spot for the sports aficionado, you can expect to see every Minnesota sporting event you can imagine. While it has a fun, relaxed atmosphere, beware of the crowds during the games and matches; it gets noisy and busy – but is beloved. Malone’s has become a major part of the Maple Grove community, sponsoring local youth teams and hosting fundraisers. As for the food; everyone was a fan of the cuban sandwich, firecracker shrimp, wild rice soup, pan-fried walleye, wild rice cranberry turkey sandwich Jambalaya, BBQ chicken and fried pickles. I can’t say enough good things about their waffle fries with seasoned sour cream, especially because it comes in huge portions. It’s a great place to stop if you are out shopping in Arbor Lakes and want to hang out on the patio. Fun fact; if you bring your movie ticket stub in after seeing a movie to get a buy-one-get-one drink!

Maple Tavern

I was in search of the most fall sounding name when it came to wear to go and Maple Tavern just so happen to fit the bill. In Maple Grove off Deerwood, the bar/pub-like place boasts the best beer cheese soup and peanut butter burgers around. I mean, look at those burgers. Insta-worthy, I’d say. MT isn’s just food either. The place is a hangout, complete with volleyball net where leagues play and a huge patio. OH – one more thing. They are a tad infamous. Early this year, they got into hot water because they were selling “Spotted Cow” beer – which is illegal. It even ended with a felony charge. Totally worth stopping in for the story alone!

Cafe Donuts and Kaleidoscoops

While desperately searching for a quick pick-me-up, I found Cafe Donuts and Kaleidoscoops in Champlin, just a block off Highway 169. Although it was completely unexpected,  it’s more than worth stopping in. I mean, all kinds of variation in ice cream, 32 varieties of donuts, AND coffee – what more could you want, really. They even have something called KaleidoChills – a frappe with a scoop of ice cream. Since I went looking for caffeine, I went straight for their iced Redbull, um… so awesome. Which I’m surprised didn’t leave me twitching. More than the array of sugary options and the energy drink induced jitters, Cafe Donuts and Kaleidoscoops is great because of the service. I can only speak for the location I stopped at but the gentleman behind the counter was a delight to talk to, and made my day. They have three different locations; Champlin, Maple Grove and Downtown Minneapolis.