Late Nights Minneapolis 

Is being front-and-center at a live, late night comedy show on your bucket list? Great! I have just the thing! Late Nights Minneapolis is the city’s only fully-staged late-night style talk show and comedy experience. If that sounds like an extremely specific description, it is, because the show is the only one of it’s kind. Hosted by Joe Rapp of Bearded Men Improv and co-hosted by John Gebretatose of BLACKOUT, Late Nights features a group of improvisers, sketch comedy writers, stand-up comedians, and actors with a love for Minneapolis and a dying need to be the funniest person in the room. They come together to create the smartest, silliest comedy in Minneapolis! Sketch comedy, biting satire, and amazing guest segments – it is the best late-night show that’s not on TV. Back for their third season, you can check out Late Nights Minneapolis on the third Sunday of every month at the Phoenix Theater.

Busy on October 15th? If not, come see Late Nights one night only all sketch show; The Halloween All Sketch Spookathon! In honor of the spookiest month all year, you can even wear a costume! You can get tickets online or snag them at the door.

Annie’s Parlour

Annie's Parlour Dinkytown Minneapolis Minnesota

Up next is Annie’s Parlour, a Dinkytown landmark – an institution, if you will. If you’ve ever taken a tour of the University of Minnesota campus it’s likely that you were told about Annie’s. Known for their crispy, hot fries and malts that are big enough for two, Annie’s is as American fanfare as it gets. If you were a U grad, it’s likely that this classic in Gopher territory holds a special place in your heart. If you haven’t been, just imagine a rustic diner with a casual atmosphere that has you paying at the hostess stand. Perk: on a brisk fall day, this Minneapolis gem has the perfect patio to soak in the beautiful views of downtown from.

Carlson’s Llovable Llamas

Carlsons LLovable Llamas Waconia Minnesota

This past weekend I braved the rain, grabbed a hot cocoa and headed out to hug some Llamas at Carlson’s Llovable Llamas in Waconia. It has become an annual tradition to tour the farm during their open house. A fun, unique experience for kids and adults alike where you can learn, interact, feel and even walk Llamas.  Because they are social, friendly and gentle animals, kids totally love them. So much so that they have an “adopt-a-llama” program and you can even have a Llama birthday party! Carlson’s is great because they offer opportunities for education and hands-on involvement. More than fifty 4-H members lease, train and help tend Carlson llamas through the spring and summer to show at the county and state fairs. They also sell compost, Llama yarn, raw wool, stuffed Llama toys, even hand-painted ornaments! You can even pick up an “I hugged a Llama at Carlson’s Llovable Llamas” t-shirt!

The Dead End Hayride

Before I say anything, I should tell you that I love Halloween. Everything spooky, frightful, gloomy, cobweb-covered and pumpkin-y. That includes haunted and scary. This is why I decided to check out The Dead End Hayride in Wyoming, MN. Located in the back woods of Pinehaven Farm, DEH is known for their over-the-top pyrotechnics, explosions, risk-taking fog, strobe and fire effects. The ultimate horror interactive experience.  Yep, interactive. You are part of the show and they can touch, grab at, and even pet you.

It is one of the most intense, terror experiences that you will find in Minnesota.  The attraction itself comes in three parts; the haunted hayride, the haunted trail, and the haunted cornfield. It starts with a slow hayride down the Departed Oaks Haunted Trail where you’ll encounter all the ghouls and monsters who roam the woods. If you can make it through the fire, brimstone and the occasional serial killer with a chainsaw, you’ll be dropped off at the Sunnyvale Asylum. Deep into the woods, you spend the next hour trying to find your way back. Through cornfields, demented circus amusements, a butcher shop, mazes, the winding catacombs, a dollhouse and even a motel, while some of the most iconic horror characters come to life, and come after you.

It is scary, so I would suggest not bringing children. Other helpful hints; buy tickets online and opt for the VIP. People come from all over to experience all things gloom-and-doom. While there is a large projector playing scary movies and music videos, it can make for exceptionally long lines with wait times upwards of 3 hours. Even if you end up waiting, it’s totally worth it. Check out their trailers below to get the full experience! 

Hours of Operation: