Moxie Java

Next on September’s caffeine-filled adventure: Moxie Java. So here’s the thing, they didn’t start in Minnesota. MV actually started in 1988, in Boise, Idaho. The coffeehouse has become so popular, it franchised and stretches to North Dakota, South Carolina and now Minnesota with its Moorhead location. Founded by John Roberts and Chris Minion, Moxie Java […]

Sauk Lake

Any time an adventure ends, or comes to a close, it’s a little bittersweet. As though you are closing a chapter on a string of incredible, beautiful, sometimes irritating and often exhausting, moments that you can only relive through photographs. It is as such because, although you see the places I go through the bucket […]

Whispering Oaks Winery

While I am always one to explore and roam about, I figured that the last night of the #mnbucketlist road trip should be filled with relaxation, my best friends and a whole basin of really, really good wine. So, we headed to Whispering Oaks Winery in Melrose and made a night of it. Ever go […]

Sinclair Lewis Gravesite

When I travel, my first instinct is to search for history, after finding food of course. The legacy and lives that we lived in these places I go. The last stop on my road trip is Sauk Center, the perfect place for someone enticed by roots and stories. Birthplace and childhood home of Sinclair Lewis, […]