Olde Main Eatery 

When it comes to hospitality and graciousness, Olde Main Eatery in Elk River makes the top of my list. I have, on very good authority, heard it called the best place for breakfast in the northwest metro, and I couldn’t agree more. A casual, homey, small town place where you can feel right at home. I went with my mom and sister, who each live in towns adjacent to Elk River – so this is a local spot for them. If you love generous portions and down-to-earth staff, this is your place. I fell in love with all the historic photos, newspaper clippings and postcards on the wall that hold the story of the area and the location. And, although the premise behind the MNBucketList is to constantly try new things, I know this wont my last stop to Olde Main. While they do have a line out the door on a Sunday after church service, don’t be deterred. They will always find a spot for you



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