Chop n Pops Bakery

Food & Drink / Saturday, July 16th, 2016

I am in Nevis this weekend so I thought I’d share the highlight of my morning. Chop n Pops Bakery opened in 2015 and is run by a father and son duo. Named for Chop, whose real name is Chris, and Pop, whose real name is Rodney. That’s Chop holding the bread. When you stop in, he’ll most likely be there, say hi! He’s super nice. Full of donuts, buns, cookies, coffee and even freeze dried fruits and vegetables, too, like peas, corn, strawberries and peaches. Not gonna lie, I just go for the sweets. They are only open til noon, so I plan my day around stopping in. Fun fact: They also have something called the Nevis Nut Roll, and as someone whose spent a good chunk of their life here… Ahem, it’s like a regular iced roll, but full of nuts. 🙂

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