Food & Drink / Friday, March 11th, 2016

I have written about Mickeys before, back when this project was a little less known. But, because we felt like going again with our friend Sarah from Minnesota Made and because I love the place, I’m gonna give it to you again. Housed in a vintage train car, since 1939, Mickey’s is everywhere. Featured in films like A Prairie Home Companion, Jingle All the Way, The Mighty Ducks; seen on shows like Alton Browns, Feasting on Asphalt (featuring Mickey’s Chili Omelette), Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels, Al Roker’s Diner Destinations (p.s. his favorite is Mickey’s Buttermilk Pancakes),  Jesse Ventura’s Minnesota on the Travel Network, and Unwrapped, Midnight Snax on the Food Network; and written about in the Chicago Sun-Times, St Paul Pioneer Press, Rochester Magazine, The New York Times, Explore Minnesota, Minneapolis St Paul Magazine, Minnesota Historical Society and Washington Post… and the Minnesota Bucket List ;)! The ‘Open 24 Hours a Day’, ‘House rules: No Smoking, No Checks, No Take Out” and “Malts so thick you could eat them with a fork…” [Neal Kaplan, The New York Times] tribute to a 70 years of Minnesota past, sits you smack dab in the middle of “how haven’t I been here before” and “for a meal that cheap, I’m comin’ every week!” Showcasing a Great Depression and Second World War era feel having spanned three generations and is still family owned.  They are not to be confused with the Mickey’s Diner off West 7th as that one is more ‘50’s flair and under different management. If you are looking for a recommendation, try Americas All Day Favorite Meal but go at an off time because by the time we left, the lines were out the door.

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