Vikre Distillery

Vikre Distillery

Since it’s that time of year when you need something stronger than beer but lighter than Glögg, it seemed like a good idea to cross the Vikre Distillery off the MNBucketList. The award-winning micro-distillery makes Boreal Juniper Gin, Boreal Spruce Gin, Boreal Cedar Gin, Øvrevann Aquavit and is on Canal Park in Duluth, adjacent to the aerial lift bridge. It’s housed in a warmly lit, two level tasting room that gets crowded fast. But don’t let the long line discourage you, it’s worth the wait for the ambiance alone. I’ve been in love with this place since I first saw the caption on their website. It reads: “A town still hiding rumrunners tunnels from prohibition. A lake so compelling that people tattoo its outline on their bodies. A Norwegian girl who dreams in flavors. And an American boy who can distill dreams into reality.” I know, right?! They have mason jars on the walls, filled with the local grains and ingredients and they even use the clean, cold water of Lake Superior in production.
I’m pretty particular when it comes to alcohol, so I always have to have friends along to try things so that if I don’t like something, they inherit my glass. Not the case here. As soon as I tried Girl From North Country (cedar gin, grenadine, spiced pear liqueur, lemon), one of Vikre’s creative cocktails, I just about set up a cot in the back. They have other wonderfuls too, if my drink of choice didn’t sound appealing, like the Norse Reviver, Gender-Neutral_Hattan and the Aquabeet It. If you can’t get all the way to Duluth to try it, they do have an online store and are available specific liquor stores.



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