Muskie Water’s Co.

Food & Drink / Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Muskie WatersMuskie Waters‬ (which is relatively new) in ‪‎Nevis‬ (way up north near‪ Park Rapids‬, remember the big ‪‎Tiger Muskie‬?) is a fun, summer‬, one stop shop. Its kitty corner from ‪‎Lake‬ Belle Taine‬. Whether you’re up‪ ‎camping‬, fishing‬, ‪‎boating‬, biking the Heartland Trail‬, it’s a good place to catch your breath. It’s a ‪‎coffee‬ and ‪‎espresso‬ cafe, candy store‬, apparel boutique‬ and ‪‎ice cream‬ shop. AND its really delightful on the outside. If you’re coming through town, I definitely recommend stopping by. ‪#‎mnbucketlist‬

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