Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom BreweryIf you haven’t been to the Rock Bottom Brewery, you need to. It’s so much fun! You can’t go wrong with great service, prime locations, huge selections and the best veggie burger around. Seriously, just look at the description: “House-made veggie patty with a lightly grilled outer crust. Topped with even more veggies, cause we crazy.” They are, a little. You will love the beer selection, too. For the simpleton and connoisseur alike. It’s been a go-to place before concerts for me – and tonight is no different (and I’m with my Mom and aunts!). I totally love this place.

Garth Brooks (Target Center)

Garth Brooks MSP

#Mom. Amy (Aunt). Me. Cindi (2nd Aunt). + #GarthBrooks =

My earliest, #musical, childhood #memory is #dancing in the living room, watching the free #concert Garth did in #CentralPark. So it only seemed fitting that after the worst few months, that his #concert in #Minneapolis would be the perfect #girlsnightout.

For the women I adore. The most bittersweet moments of our lives come in waves. Through the tears and sorrow and the pain recently, and our hearts falling to pieces, I’m so glad we’ve been able to put them back, together. I love you guys. You weirdos are my tribe. 10625080_10101072646285680_5411952247297783919_n