Mall of America

Retail / Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Mall of America If you aren’t familiar with the Mall of America you either a. have not been to Minnesota or b. lived under a rock your entire life. Just in case you are A or B, let me help with that. Mall of America is a huge enclosed shopping mall smack dab in between our Twin Cities.

Mall of AmericaIt’s colossal, and just keeps getting better. It has (as of right now) approximately 520+ stores, 22 eateries (and that doesn’t include the food courts), an indoor theme park (Nickelodeon Universe), Lego Land, the Sea Life Aquarium, a flight simulator, a movie theater, a house of comedy, miniature golf and if that weren’t enough, a hotel (attached).

AND it’s full of exhibitions, remember my #Star Trek or the Beatles post? Well they also have a Barbie Dreamhouse Experience.

In the future, it will be its own city, and will likely end up a #spaceship or something. Srsly.

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